Take a Bow

Jay Foster, Fine Arts Writer

Senior Daisy O’Donnell performs during Cabaret 2021: Pac It Up.

We all know fine arts are a huge activity in schools and can even lead to a career afterward. However, we rarely pull back the curtain to reveal why students choose their clubs, their motivation, and more importantly, why they stay. 

I’m sure as a child you dreamt of being in front of a crowd, your name cheered as the curtain closed in front of you. Or perhaps on stage taking your final bow of the night following the  best dance of your life. We have all dreamt of being someone big, someone important, up on a stage somewhere with that big red and gold curtain draped behind you. Well, are you going to make this dream a reality, or just buy a ticket for the show? 

The first question to ask is why? Why should you and other students consider joining a fine arts club? Simple. It gives students the ability to express themselves in a creative manner. Additionally, it provides them a safe environment where they can do what they wish, alongside like-minded students or friends who won’t judge their actions. It is this that provides the motivation to stay. Students who know they can be themselves freely are more likely to continue their involvement. 

The second question to ask is which club do you choose? Well, you have to ask yourself what inspires you? What drives that dream of being on stage? What pulls you towards that spotlight? Whether it be art, band,or drama, I assure you you’ll find your path if you just listen to your inner voice. 

This may seem bizarre and impossible. But look at those that have found success in the arts. At one point they thought the same things as you. Yet, they followed their heart’s inner voice. And it

provided a path. A place to belong. So throw open that big, red curtain and let your voice be heard.