Hollywood Comes to Ephrata

Samantha MacNeil, Copy Editor

Last night, Thursday, February 24th, Ephrata High School’s National Honor Society put on the first ever character trait Oscars Night. There were seven character trait categories, which included kindness, patience, selflessness, humility, commitment, respect, and forgivingness. Students at EHS had the chance to nominate fellow peers for each of these categories over the past six months. It was then narrowed down to three nominees per category, which the student body then voted on. The winners were announced last night during the Oscars Night festivities.


Lindsay Addink, President of Ephrata’s National Honor Society, smiles during last night’s Oscars Night benefitting the Seattle Children’s Foundation. The evening raised $779 for the foundation. (February 24, 2022)

Lindsay Addink, the woman in charge of Oscars Night, is the President of National Honor Society and has been working on this for the majority of the past year. No one was really sure how this night would go since it was the first time anything like this had been done. Lindsay was kind enough to share some of her thoughts with us. “The purpose of the Oscars Night was to promote positive peer interactions and to create an event that promoted and included school unity throughout the many clubs and social groups. It was so fun to see so many faces come and to have so many people involved in the show and the evening itself. I was happy with the results. From the category winners to the audience, to everyone that helped, we could not have asked for anything better.” 


Mrs. Massey and Mrs. Addink are the National Honor Society advisors. They too shared some of their thoughts with us. “It went how I hoped it would but was scared it wouldn’t. It went really well in the fact that we had a lot of people participate, not just come but also be involved in it,” stated Addink.  Mrs Massey added to that with, “One of the most satisfying things was having so many different people and groups involved even though honor society was really the driving force behind it. I think once it all sort of happened, it didn’t feel like something for just Honor Society but for the whole school.” Both advisors made comments on how it really was run by students for students, and were happy with how well everything went.  

Beatrice Smith put on her best Mr. Worldwide impersonation during Oscars Night 2022. (Jose Pelayo)

The Oscars Night gave students an opportunity to get dressed up and hangout with friends and even perform. In between the announcing of the winners, there were performances from the choir, dance team, as well as some individual performers. The nominees were announced by representatives from different clubs, such as key club and speech and debate to name a couple. Students were involved in many ways, whether it was performing, making cupcakes for the event, or just being an interactive audience. At the end of the night after the last winner was announced, several kids stayed and danced, and got to have one last chance to socialize with their friends before saying goodnight and heading home.  

The winners during last night’s Oscars were (l-r):
Jaidyn Noyes (forgiveness), Kyle Stewart (patience), Emma Padilla (respect), Jayme Dwight (selflessness), Landon Murray (honesty), Hayden Mills (commitment) and Lydia Burleson (kindness). (Michael Poe III)

The National Honor Society is a service club and each year they put on one large service project. This year it was the Oscars Nights. Students bought tickets for $8, and all proceeds went to the Seattle Children’s Foundation. At the end of the night, the National Honor Society raised $779 to donate to the cause. 

The winners of the night were: Lydia Burleson – Kindness, Kyle Stewart – Patience, Jaidyn Noyes – Forgivingness, Hayden Mills – Commitment, Landon Murray – Honesty, Emma Padilla – Respect, and Jayme Dwight – Selflessness.