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We are all storytellers.  Whether it be a photo, a post on social media, or even a birthday card to a loved one.  We are all communicating with those around us.

Welcome to the Ephrata High School broadcast journalism and digital media technology program, TigerVision Media.  This program produces a collection of student projects, including various video and audio productions such as blogs, podcasts, pre-recorded video, and live programming, as well as, written news and coming soon, Roar Radio and Uncaged, a lifestyle magazine.

The Eye (of the Tiger), our online digital news content partner,  serves as a complement to TigerVision’s broadcasts by providing written content to tell the stories around us.

Made up of students within EHS’ yearbook, publications/journalism and broadcast/digital media courses, TigerVision and The Roar seek out the stories within our school and community that impact you.

If you have a story you’d like told we invite you to contact us with your feedback and any ideas.



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