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If you would like to advertise with TigerVision, contact us and a representative will be in touch to discuss the opportunities.

TigerVision offers several methods to donate to the educational opportunities provided by the program.  We offer local businesses the opportunity for placement within our sports broadcasts, podcats, studio shows, and more.  These include, but are not limited to, the following:

Sporting Events – $1500 for a full year.  Your business will be featured in every sports broadcast our program produces.  This does not include district, regional or state playoffs.  If you prefer to participate in a specific sports season (i.e. fall, winter, spring) the rate is $500 per sports season. Additional opportunities are available that may incur additional expenses.

Studio Shows – $500 for a full year.  Your business will be featured twice a month throughout the school year (September through June).

Podcasts – $150 for a full year.  Your business will have the opportunity to be featured in one of our podcasts produced by the TigerVision student staff.

Webpage Advertising – $250 for a full school year.

Live Events – $500 for a three-hour event.  TigerVision will live-stream an event for you that will allow others to view the programming should they be unable to attend.

Please note that should the request be made for TigerVision to produce the ad (i.e. video, edit, artwork, etc), it will cost $300.  THIS IS A ONE-TIME COST. If you select to donate to a sporting event, studio show, or live event, we will create a basic advertisement for you.  For further information, email us or contact us at 509.754.7575, extension 2113.
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