REVIEW: Spider-Man: No Way Home

Lydia Burleson, Photo Editor

Why is everyone talking about it? What makes it special? Why is it so popular? These are questions that you might ask about the newest Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home. It seems to be that everyone has been rushing to the theaters to watch this new release, and they are liking what they are seeing. While conducting research about the movie in my yearbook class, I asked the students how many of them have seen the newest Spider-Man tale. Of the respondents, 18 out of 23 students said that they watched the movie and all 18 said they enjoyed the movie.

Junior Hayden Adams stated, “The movie was easy to follow if you have no background.” Knowing this it makes sense as to why the movie was so popular. It’s family-friendly and easy to keep up with. Seems like it has it all. 

Another student, Wilson Lybbert, an Ephrata High School senior, had some interesting thoughts on the movie as well. When asked what he would rate the film on a scale of 1-10, ten being the best, Lybbert responded “ A solid 9.999 because it had like every Spider-Man in it, it was family-friendly, anyone can watch it, and it’s freaking spiderman!” I also asked Wilson how he would rate the storyline and how easy it was to follow. “ If you pay attention then it was pretty easy to follow.”

With all these things considered, it has been concluded that the newest Spider-Man movie has lived up to the hype of what everyone has been talking about and overall reviewed as a great movie. It comes highly recommended by the high school students that have seen the movie, so buy your tickets now. Don’t miss out on Spider-Man: No Way Home, in theaters now.