From the Sidelines


Delaney Hagy, Photo Editor

Looking at high school sports, I tend to have a different point of view. My dad, Dale Hagy, is the girls varsity basketball coach here at Ephrata High School. I have been able to practice with the junior varsity basketball team since 6th grade, and I also helped the team managers at games. Growing up on the sideline of varsity games, I better understand how these coaches want things to run and how much effort they put in to help their players grow. I was coached and pushed harder, but not everyone on the team has to sit and break down film with the coach like I do.

I wanted to gain a better understanding of high school sports, not just from my perspective as the coach’s daughter, so I wanted to ask this year’s captain, senior Hayden Mills.

I started off by asking how she has grown in basketball throughout high school. “I feel like I’ve grown as a leader all together with all three sports I play, whether that was quietly off the court or on the court vocally,” Mills stated. “I also think my mental side of it has changed and evolved because I have learned that a lot of it comes from that. I’ve used that to an advantage because I realized how much that helps because obviously sports are physical and use a lot of physical aspects, but you have to realize that the mental side is also really important. I think that’s how I’ve grown because I realize that part is important and it has made me a better player.”

When asked what the hardest part about being in this sport is, Mills replied, “I think the hardest part is coming day in and day out and having to work your hardest even if you know that you have a lot coming in the next few weeks. You’re always going to be doing something, it’s a continuous grind for four months. You have to realize that you have to give your all for four months and know that you will be rewarded in the end, hopefully.”

Hayden had this advice for underclassmen, “This is kind of cliche but just don’t take any of it for granted. Some days I get to practice and I’m like, ah I don’t want to be here, but you realize in the end you do want to be there because it’s a good place to be. You are surrounded by your friends, good coaches, and just a good atmosphere. And with all the COVID stuff you don’t know when your next thing is gonna be canceled or when you’re not going to be able to play, so you don’t want to take any of it for granted even if it’s running or a hard practice.” 

Hearing what Hayden had to say about her high school basketball career, makes me excited for what is yet to come. I am looking forward to growing in this sport.